Construction of new walkway irks some

by Brady Averill

A new campus walkway might help students get between buildings easier in the future, but construction on the project is altering many students’ walking paths.

The Scholars’ Walk, a 2,000-foot-long sidewalk corridor designed to honor scholars and distinguished alumni, will stretch from the McNamara alumni center to Appleby Hall.

Few students said they knew why the construction was happening, but they knew it blocked direct access to the recreational center and other buildings.

Senior Molly Derry said she regularly treks to the recreation center from Moos Tower and is not happy about the detour. Walking around construction adds approximately five minutes to the trip, she said.

The walkway will include a lit sidewalk with trees, benches and a glass monument honoring University scholars, according to the Alumni Association Web site. It will cost approximately $2.5 million. The Gateway Corporation is funding it.

Construction began last month, signs at the site read.

Junior Peter Leahy said he regularly walks in the area to Rapson Hall. He said he has learned to live with the detour.

“It’s not anything that would get me very upset,” he said. “It’s a slight inconvenience.”

Much of the site is open dirt, with new trees set in the ground and some of the sidewalk in place.

When it’s done, junior Aron Dahlgren said, he’ll be happy and will use it regularly.

“I’ll use it all the time. It’s perfect for me,” he said.