An appeal from Bruininks

Justin Horwath

A letter from the pres. himself. Well, the University’s president. Nevertheless, I find it an informative notice–and not too preachy. Before the letter, an interesting Bruininks’ quote from the archives: “Bruininks said he doesn’t identify with a party and has voted for Republicans and Democrats, though he stopped donating to campaigns years ago. ‘I’m very much a political indepedent,’ he said. ‘I’m deeply troubled by the growing polarization of politics.'” “The ‘good soldier’ becomes the general” The Minnesota Daily March 1, 2007 Now, on to the letter, which this editorial board member recieved Tuesday at 5:59 p.m. Dear University of Minnesota Student, With less than a month until Election Day, I see a level of excitement and engagement I haven’t witnessed since my own college days. Our country’s tradition of free and fair elections is unparalleled in history and must not be taken for granted. To that end, if you have not already done so, I encourage you to register now to vote in this historic election. Minnesota voters can register on Election Day, but with long lines expected at the polls, early registration is certain to save time. Various student organizations are conducting voter registration campaigns at prominent campus locations. In addition, we’ve also created a simple online guide on how and where to vote, including a link to the Secretary of State’s Polling Place Finder Please take advantage of these resources and be sure to vote on Nov. 4. National and local elections have a significant impact on you, your families, and your university. Register to vote today. Sincerely, Bob Bruininks President