Protesters gather in response to Coleman’s comments concerning Wellstone

Libby George

Responding to Republican Sen. Norm Coleman’s comment about the late Democratic Sen. Paul Wellstone in Roll Call magazine, protesters gathered outside Coleman’s St. Paul office Tuesday evening to express discontent with everything from Coleman to the war in Iraq.

Coleman’s remark that he was a “99 percent improvement” over Wellstone sparked outrage from Democrats and led Democratic Rep. Betty McCollum to demand an apology, which Coleman issued Tuesday.

Approximately 50 protesters carried green Wellstone signs and also waved U.N. and peace flags while chanting “Change the tone” and “We want peace.”

Despite heckling from passers-by, the protesters refused to back down, citing insufficient media coverage as a motivating factor.

University alumnus Craig Anderson – who pulled over on his way home from work to counter-protest – said media bias favored the protesters.