Dear Dr. Date, A l…

Dear Dr. Date,
A little while back, I wrote to tell you about the roommate I thought was jealous of my two boyfriends.
Well, now I’m really in a bind! I recently had a birthday, and I thought it would be a nice present to myself if I had both of my boyfriends over for a three-way. The guys agreed and we had the party at my apartment. Everything started out fine, but about halfway through, the guys started to ignore me and instead went off on each other! I was totally pissed and grossed out! They say they’re open-minded, not gay.
Whatever. I dumped the guys, and I’m looking for new boyfriends now. Then things really started getting bad. It turns out that, without my knowledge, my roommate had set out a camera to videotape the apartment to see if any mice were running around while we were out. That’s her story, anyway. The next day, we were sitting around when she popped the tape in the VCR and we saw a whole lot of non-mouse footage. She had already seen the tape and she was showing it just to embarrass me. I made her give me the tape, which I destroyed. She told me there are no other copies, but she was grinning ear to ear when she said it. I’m proud of my body and I wouldn’t mind if they were tasteful pictures of me, but this makes me look ridiculous. What if this ends up on some low-class cable channel? I would just die.
— Oprah

Right. Summer is a strange time for Dr. Date. The letters I receive tend to take on a stranger, more fantastical tone. Or, at least this one did. This letter, bless its lying little heart, is all imagination. I can in turn use my imagination to determine that this was borne out of boredom. I think that boredom is a pretty awesome thing. Most of us hate it so much that we’ll do anything to avoid it or get rid of it once it is there. Would this charming letter have existed at all if it weren’t for boredom’s guiding hand? This is not the sort of activity one puts on their activity list so as not to forget about it. In fact, a person faced with the kind of boredom that produced this letter would likely not have an activity list at all.
Have you ever had sex because there was nothing else interesting to do? Boredom is a sign that your life is changing and that you need to learn and do new things to keep up with it. Stay on top of the things you do in your life or someday you might find yourself doing all the wrong things.