Measles outbreak in Disneyland growing

Jessie Bekker

Health officials are warning citizens to stay away from Disneyland in light of a measles outbreak, NBC News reported.

The California Department of Health confirmed 68 cases so far, 48 of which have been linked to exposure from the state’s popular amusement park.

Among those infected, 28 were not vaccinated, one was partially vaccinated, and five were fully vaccinated, NPR reported.

However, infectious disease experts warn that even adults who received their measles shots as children are not immune to the virus, according to NBC News.

Last year there were a record number of measles cases, with 644 infected patients reported over 27 states, including California and Minnesota, according to the Centers for Disease Control.

Measles is an airborne disease that begins with a high fever and comes with symptoms similar to the common cold. It is easily detected through a bodily red rash, and can result in pneumonia, encephalitis and, sometimes, death, according to NPR.