CoPress blog, game answers, and Zompire Dracularius

Son Huynh

A few weeks ago, I wrote a blog post detailing a few things about Drupal that we did. Check out the blog post here.

The past week, if you’ve noticed, we have been putting Crossword and Sudoku answers online. They can be found in the sidebar on the front page near the bottom as well as the Backtalk section. The front page block will eventually be moved to the main content area because currently, it stretches the sidebar too much and makes the main content area have too much whitespace. We know how much people want to be able to check their answers without waiting (especially on Thursdays) so we hope people will enjoy this.

On a side note, I’m currently doing an SEO content in my Intro to Entrepreneurship. The task is to get my site highest on Google’s search for the keywords "Zompire Dracularius".