56 students cited for alcohol-related crimes during Spring Jam

by Koran Addo

In a Spring Jam weekend dampened by the weather, some University students still managed to have a good time.

But police dampened other students’ weekends, judging from the long list of arrestees reported by University and Minneapolis police.

Approximately 130 people were detained for questioning or citations over the weekend and 56 of those were cited for alcohol-related crimes such as DWI and drinking in public, police officials said.

University Deputy Police Chief Steve Johnson said officers from agencies around the state were on duty over the weekend at the University, working to help curtail an expected increase of students behaving badly.

One homeowner planned to host a small gathering of close friends, but was surprised when the number of attendees swelled to more than 200 people, police officials said.

Police cited 21 people for consumption of alcohol by a minor at the party, including University business student Andrea Heilman.

Heilman said she was at a friend’s house across the street when she and her friends decided to go over to the party.

Shortly afterward, the police arrived.

“There was a mob of cops up and down the street,” she said. “They made us all line up single file to take breathalyzers. I blew a .07, which is not that much, but I got a (citation for consumption of alcohol by a minor) anyway.”

One of Heilman’s friends fared better. Heilman said her friend, who had been drinking, passed the breathalyzer after she started chewing gum shortly before taking the test.

“She blew triple zeroes, and the cop said, ‘Oh you’re a lucky girl,’ and we all started yelling for her,” she said.

Besides breaking up house parties, police cited approximately 20 people for drinking alcohol in public.

Several of these people ran from police, adding obstruction of justice to their consumption in public charges.

Despite the large number of people arrested and cited over the weekend, Johnson said the department has dealt with it in the past and will deal with it in the future.

“We had no problems at the block party. All in all I think Spring Jam went very well,” he said. “It’s a shame the rain ruined the fun.”

Heilman said she had fun despite her run-in with the police. As for attending the party, she said, “It was a bad decision I guess.”