Green jobs are the future for students

The Green Jobs Revolution event offers information on sustainable careers.

As a student, thinking about life after graduation can be daunting. It is an unknown, intimidating world. Yes, our economy is growing, but I still know many graduates who havenâÄôt found a job yet.

At the State of the Union in January, President Barack Obama spoke about the need for clean energy, biofuels, electric cars and other green investments that our country and economy need.

He attested that clean-energy breakthroughs would create clean-energy jobs.

If we donâÄôt create these jobs here, they will happen somewhere else.

I want to and know that I can rise to the occasion. I believe our generation has the ability to make it happen.

There is already evidence that this is happening. EcoWatch is hosting the Green Job Revolution event from 4 p.m. to 6:30 p.m., Feb. 15, at the Great Hall in Coffman Union.

ItâÄôs an event where students can hear from real people about real green jobs and have an opportunity to ask questions.

Even though I hear about these new green jobs that incorporate sustainability, sometimes they seem like an intangible concept.

Personally, I know almost no one who has a green job. So listening to the professionals at Green Job Revolution who have successful careers focused on sustainability is a great way to make the concept tangible.

Back to what Obama said, “The competition for jobs is real. But this shouldnâÄôt discourage us. It should challenge us.”

This event is a way for students to address the challenge and start tackling the need for a more sustainable economy.

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