Media too hard on Palin

With pressing issues unresolved, media take aim at the former VIP nominee.

Imagine sitting in a room next to one of the most influential television journalists in America’s media industry with cameras constantly rotating around you. Imagine what it’s like to try and find the right words at the right second about any issue, knowing that whatever you say âÄî regardless if there is truth in your words âÄî will cause an uproar for half the country and leave them to trash-talk you and your family in magazines, newspapers, books, television and during dinner conversations. Imagine being the second woman to run for vice president in American history with a world that is predominantly run by men. Now put all these images together and put yourself in that position and let me know if you could have the nerve to even sputter out anything sensible in front of an entire nation. The circumstances above may be as to why Sarah Palin was literally crushed by the media. She had many ideas âÄî such as reducing general fund spending by $150 million, being a firm believer in free market capitalism, having equal rights for women and agreeing to death penalty laws if passed by legislation âÄî that seemed to be shoved to the side because of the way she presented herself. It was a pity that someone who probably was fairly intelligent had to be treated so poorly. And of course everyone is trying to come up with a reason for why she is âÄúquittingâÄù her position as the governor of Alaska after two and a half years in office. Some are trying to argue she had squandered money from Alaska or was secretly plotting behind the state’s back. However the FBI is not going to investigate her because there is no evidence behind the rumors. Many people may be thinking that by taking herself out of the position she would then be freeing herself from running in the 2012 presidential run. After reading many articles bashing Palin, I was disgusted as to the rude comments that were being made about how she wasn’t doing her job right in the first place in Alaska and how she was never really that bright. What is America coming to that we have to rip apart every decision and action made by a politician? Why are we putting people on a pedestal just so we can tear them apart to make ourselves feel better? I expect the drama, gossiping, making fun of what people look and talk like and ridiculing people based off the things they say to come from maybe college students because they want to take their mind off their studies or because they haven’t fully matured yet, but to come from an entire country? I was used to being ripped apart on things I’ve created because of being a theatre major for a year and a half. That was just how the profession works: you create a piece of art, people critique it, trash it or praise it. It happens in many of the subjective majors. Really the situation is the same with politicians. Maybe Palin should have realized that if she is going to be a public figure or make statements that are going to be published on the Internet or on YouTube, she should have taken into consideration that people arenâÄôt friendly, understanding or negotiable just because you have a high position in the country. If you are going to be a celebrity in some form, you have to learn how to separate your family and personal life from your career and learn how to toughen up and be strong enough that the mediaâÄôs critiques donâÄôt lead you to giving up on your aspirations. And maybe she will do great things. While she may be quitting in some sense, there are different ideas out there that maybe she is writing a book or about to launch a column of her own or possibly starting her own political party. That old saying about how closing one door opens another door quite possibly could be parallel to this situation. It seems ridiculous to me that while America bashes Palin, there are wars breaking out throughout the world, nuclear bombs out there, people going without health insurance and countless numbers of people being murdered every day. Seeing as it is our generation who is soon to finish college and start making a difference, we have the choice to start off small and start fixing things. Or, continue to mock, scorn and gossip about former politicians or celebrities. This column was originally published in the Daily News at Ball State University. Please send comments to [email protected]