Regretless graduation

by Sergio Meyer

IâÄôm a senior here at the University of Minnesota. IâÄôm graduating in December, and after almost four years of being here, do you know what IâÄôve realized? IâÄôve missed out on a lot of stuff. So for one of my classes, and some fun, IâÄôm going around and doing some of the things IâÄôve always wanted to do but put off time and again, like checking out the Weisman Art Museum and attending GopherâÄôs After Dark. Fellow students, I encourage you to make a similar bucket list. Throw your shoes in that shoe tree. Go jump off the high dive at the Rec Center. Play the piano at Coffman Union, even if you donâÄôt know how, like me. Check out a sporting event you havenâÄôt before. You are only in college once. DonâÄôt wait to really appreciate everything this beautiful campus has to offer. So get out there and enjoy the time youâÄôve got. I say try not to worry about grades too much, and cross a few things off your own list. I just crossed something off myself: Write a letter to The Minnesota Daily.