The Vikings get their own brand of liquor

by Andrew Krammer

For those shivering and shaking outside of the Metrodome on a wintery Sunday morning, fear not, the Vikings and E&J Brandy have the fix.The Minnesota Vikings are the latest professional sports team to start a partnership with E.&J. Gallo Winery which involves the company’s brandy and two other liquors. The 2011 deal includes using the team’s logo in liquor promotions and using stadium concessionaires to sell the drink. The Vikings are just one of many teams to take part in hard liquor sales; the NFL’s Saints, Cowboys, Falcons, Jets and Packers have already signed on for this year. In the past, Raiders fans have been able to purchase a gin by E&J at the Coliseum in Oakland. Up until last year, league rules banned having deals with liquor companies and lotteries. The Vikings already have a deal with the Minnesota State Lottery.