Letter: From the author of Minnesota’s Dream Act, DACA repeal comes from misperceptions

by Sandra Pappas

As the author of Minnesota’s Dream Act, I am deeply saddened by our heartless and cruel administration that stole away promises for young adults to achieve the American Dream. DREAMers placed their faith in our country’s word. This week that word was broken. 

These brave young adults have been here since they were children — this is the only country they know. Through DACA these young people courageously walked out of the shadows of our society to endure exhaustive criminal and background checks to maintain their status. People just don’t understand that with DACA, these young people must follow strict guidelines and work very hard to be contributing members of our society. 

There is a misconception that DACA recipients can apply for citizenship. They can’t. If they could, there would be no need for DACA. These young adults are our neighbors and our friends. They are law-abiding and participating members of our communities. They attend school, work legally and pay taxes. I am once again sorely disappointed in the actions of this administration. President Donald Trump gave into his prejudices and fears — and through this act is punishing hundreds of thousands of young people for trusting that our great country stands for freedom and justice for all. 

This letter has been lightly edited for grammar and style.

Sen. Sandra Pappas is a Minnesota State Senator for District 65.