A Good First Week

by Spencer Leuning

In what seems to be the first bi-partisanship move of his presidential career, President-elect Obama has urged democratic leaders to be friendly to Independent Senator Joe Lieberman after Lieberman campaigned with opponent John McCain.  The Associated Press is reporting that Obama told Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid that he does not want or intends to have the Democratic Party oust Lieberman from the Democratic caucus.  For those who do not know, the Democratic caucus is the meeting of all Senate democrats that will determine the party’s leaders for the new incoming congress.


As it is now a week since the country cast their ballots, there have been some very relieving signs that have come from the Obama transition team.  The first was his exceptional first press conference.  Since then, the Obama camp has announced plans to do a full, extensive review of all Bush’s executive orders, saying how quickly his administration can retract them if needed.


And now, with this move, Obama is giving America its first glimpse of what is hopefully to come – an administration that holds no grudges and is willing to conduct business in a bi-partisan manner, and in return, get things done.  Although Lieberman was a rivalry on the campaign trail, Obama has now given every intention to invite him back into the Democratic Party.  This is what America needs, and one can hope that our next president will hold to this philosophy.