Tom Emmer’s terrible silence on social issues

by Lehoan Pham - University student

Thank you, Minnesota Daily, for covering the gubernatorial debate that occurred in the McNamara Alumni Center on Oct. 15. Issues that are important to students are typically ignored, so I am happy we had the opportunity to hear from the candidates in person.

One thing that really struck me was the fact that State Rep. Tom Emmer shied away from answering questions about social issues. While I understand that turning the economy around and putting people back to work are key to our livelihood, we need to remember that social issues are important. Many of these issues are divisive to young people, and many of us will not vote for someone with whom we donâÄôt agree on a particular issue.

I think itâÄôs terrible that Emmer would only discuss these issues after prodding from other candidates. Even if the crowd could be unfriendly toward your particular viewpoint, as a candidate, it is your job to tell us why you are right. Hopefully next time Emmer wonâÄôt be so shy to talk about the issues in which he so strongly believes.