Men’s tennis team under investigation

by Than Tibbetts

The University Intercollegiate Athletics department is conducting an internal investigation of a possible NCAA rules violation in the men’s tennis program.

Athletics Director Joel Maturi confirmed the investigation Sunday but said he could not comment on the nature of the allegations.

The Office of Athletic Compliance and the Office of the General Counsel are looking into the matter, he said.

The investigation could last for weeks. If any wrongdoing is found, the athletics department will report it to the NCAA.

“Anytime there is a concern or issue raised, we have an obligation to look into it,” Maturi said.

Maturi said compliance investigations are “not uncommon” and happen more than they should.

Officials learned of the possible violation within the last two weeks, he said.

The University is currently on NCAA probation stemming from 2002 infractions in the women’s basketball program and 2000 infractions in the men’s basketball program.

The current probation period is set to expire Oct. 22, 2006.