Mndaily PDFs, Navigation Fix, Server status

by Son Huynh

The latest update contains PDFs of the entire paper, the navigation bar fix, and a server status update. Mndaily PDFs If you navigate to the new PDF Archives, you’ll see our brand new system. We will now be uploading entire PDFs of the paper online for each paper that we print. Eventually we will get all the past PDFs including the Pre-1995 ones up into the same system. Also, our front page PDF is now accessible via the right hand sidebar near the bottom. Navigation Fix If you haven’t noticed already, when you hover on a tab and hover off (assuming you aren’t hovering on a different tab when you hover off), you get a few extra seconds before it resets. Hopefully this will make it easier to get to a sub-tab for those people with shaky hands (like me). If a few seconds is not enough for you… well there’s not much I can do about that. Server Status Alright, if you tried to go to the Mndaily website yesterday between the hours of 9am-1pm, you may have had some trouble loading. The amount of people coming into our site yesterday due to the Riot in Dinkytown story was overwhelming. We’ve managed to fix the problem for the most part but even now, we’re experiencing some intermittent lag problems. Hopefully this will get resolved soon. Keep checking for more updates!