The Black Keys tease upcoming album

by Zach Simon


On March 21st, three days prior to the release of The Black Keys’ newest single “Fever,” an inconspicuous video appeared on YouTube. It was odd that the first announcement about their newest content since the release of “El Camino” back in 2011 would come from Mike Tyson of all people. The video is narrated by a gremlin-esque man with a voice like a blender full of molasses who is nonchalantly asking you to surrender your mind. What are six easy payments of your soul in the grand scheme of things anyways. No biggy, right?


Wrong. What does the video have to do with anything? It isn’t even asking viewers to buy the album. The meaning can be interpreted in a number of ways, including a satirical prod at hypnosis and suggestibility. The iconic spinning pinwheel pattern commonly associated with trance-like states appears many times throughout the video, as well as in the “Fever” release video. This stays in tune with the new psychedelic vibe emanating from underneath layers of screaming guitar licks for which the garage rock duo is best recognized. The underlying message of the turntable is to hypnotize people with the LP itself, hinting at this aforementioned kaleidoscopic twist. One can only speculate on the true intentions of these two indie rockers, but perhaps world domination has been added to their list of tour dates.


It all seems rather ridiculous for an advertising campaign, though if you’ve kept up with The Black Keys, you’ll know that this is not the first infomercial style video they have released. Back in October of 2011, another commercial parody video surfaced featuring Bob Odenkirk of “Breaking Bad” fame. These quirky marketing techniques have become a propaganda machine for the band as they can release as much information as they want (not much) while still generating plenty of hype for new records. “Turn Blue” is scheduled to release May 13th, but you can look forward to it taking over your mind much sooner.