Wrestling FINAL: No. 8 Minnesota 16, No. 18 Michigan 17

Austin Cumblad

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The Gophers and Wolverines are both running through their warmups on the mat and we’re just under 20 minutes from getting under way here at the Sports Pavilion.  I’ll be providing updates throughout the evening.  Matches to watch include Minnesota’s 7th-ranked Zach Sanders taking on No. 17 Mike Watts at 125, No. 8 Mike Thorn against No. 5 Kellen Russell at 141 and Kaleb Young battling top-ranked Steve Luke at 174.  Keep it locked on Upon Further Review and mndaily.com for updates on all Gophers athletics throughout the weekend.

125 – No. 7 Zach Sanders vs. No. 17 Mike Watts -First Period: Takedown by Watts just under a minute in. Escape by Sanders with 1:50 left in the period. Takedown then a near fall by Sanders. Watts scores a late escape, period ends with Sanders leading 6-3 -Second Period: Sanders starts down, scores a reversal 20 seconds in. Lets Watts out for an escape. Period ends with Sanders leading 8-4. – Third Period: Watts starts down, escapes quickly. Watts tweaks his knee but continues to wrestle after a short respite. Takedown by Sanders with just under a minute left in the match, it’s not going anywhere and Watts escapes. Sanders gets bonus point for riding time, comes away with the 11-6 decision 133 – No. 4 Jayson Ness vs. Zac Stevens -First Period: Early takedown by Ness. Ness has the advantage for nearly the entire period but Stevens manages and escape with 45 seconds remaining. Ness records another takedown late, he leads 4-1 after one. -Second Period: Stevens starts down. Ness attempts unsuccessfully for about a minute to flip him, they reset, Stevens escapes but Ness takes him down almost immediately. Period ends there at 6-2 Ness. -Third Period: Ness starts down, escapes. Ness records takedown, reset with Stevens down, Ness lets him escape, then takes him down again. Point Ness for Michigan stalling. Another point Ness for stalling. Ness gets bonus point for riding time, records 14-3 major decision. 141 – No. 8 Mike Thorn vs. No. 5 Kellen Russell -First Period: Takedown by Russell opens up the scoring. Thorn records an escape after starting down at a reset. Big battle late in the period, Russell comes away with a takedown, first ends with Russell leading 4-1 -Second Period: Russell starts down, escapes. Thorn takes him down, then Russell escapes. Neither man seems to want to do anything near the end of the period, it ends with Russell leading 6-3 -Third Period: Thorn starts down, escapes after a stalling warning for Russell. No more scoring, Russell wins 6-4 149 – Joe Grygelko vs. Mark Beaudry -First Period: Takedown Beaudry. Though Beaudry rides Grygelko for almost the entire first, no more scoring, it’s 2-0 Beaudry. -Second Period: Beaudry starts down, escapes, that’s the only scoring of the period and it’s 3-0 Beaudry after two. -Third Period: Grygelko starts down. Beaudry has advantage nearly the entire period but scores no points. He gets the bonus point for riding time and notches a 4-0 decision. 157 – No. 17 Tyler Safratowich vs. Aaron Hynes -First Period: Takedown Safratowich at 1:05, he holds advantage for 1:55 of the period but doesn’t score again, it’s 2-0 after one. -Second Period: Safratowich starts down, records a quick reversal. Hynes escapes. Hynes takedown late, period ends with a 4-3 Safratowich advantage -Third Period: Hynes starts down, scores a reversal, but Safratowich quickly records one of his own. Hynes escapes, match is tied with under 30 seconds to go but Safratowich has the advantage in riding time. He’s awarded the bonus point and Safratowich wins 7-6. 165 – Scott Glasser vs. Justin Zeerip -First Period: Takedown Glasser at 1:32 to open up the scoring. Zeerip escapes, period ends with Glasser up 2-1 -Second Period: Zeerip starts down. No scoring but Glasser has a 3:10 advantage in riding time. 2-1 entering the third. -Third Period: Glasser starts down. Glasser escapes to put the margin at two. Late takedown by Glasser to put the match away, he wins 6-1 after the riding time bonus point. 174 – Kaleb Young vs. No. 1 Steve Luke -First Period: Takedown Luke. Reset with Young down, Luke lets him escape, then almost immediately records a takedown, then lets Young go for another escape. Takedown Luke late in the period, it ends there with Luke up 6-2. -Second period: Young starts down, Luke again lets him go for an escape. Takedown by Luke, period ends with him up 8-3. -Third Period: Luke starts down, escapes immediately. Another takedown by Luke, he lets Young escape. With bonus point for Luke for riding time, it’s a 12-4 major decision. 184 – Sonny Yohn vs. No. 13 Anthony Biondo -First Period: Early takedown for Biondo, then no more scoring, despite almost the entire period being advantage time for Biondo. 2-0 after one -Second Period: Yohn starts down. After a pair of resets, he escapes. Takedown Biondo with the period winding down, it ends with Biondo up 4-1. -Third Period: Biondo starts down. Second stalling warning on Biondo, Yohn awarded a point, but it’s too late, Biondo collects the riding time bonus point and wins 5-2. 197 – Chris McPhail vs. No. 6 Tyrel Todd -First Period: Takedown by Todd to start the match. McPhail escapes. Takedown Todd after a reset with just under a minute left in the period. That’s where it stays, Todd leads 4-1 after first. -Second Period: McPhail starts down, Todd lets him escape. Todd records a takedown, then allows McPhail to escape again. Another takedown for Todd, they reset with McPhail down, he escapes again. Another takedown for Todd and escape for McPhail. Takedown by Todd, and the busy period ends with Todd leading 12-5. -Third Period: Todd starts down, escapes. Todd records another takedown, scores the bonus point and finishes with a 16-5 major decision. Hwt – No. 19 Ben Berhow vs. Edwin Phillips -First Period: Late takedown by Berhow puts him up 2-0 after first -Second Period: Phillips starts down, escapes. Takedown Berhow with just under a minute remaining in the period. Reset with Phillips down, he escapes again. -Third Period: Berhow starts down, escapes. No more scoring, Berhow wins 5-2 but Wolverines take the dual.