Daily Digest: Valentine’s Day edition

by Taryn Wobbema

Happy Valentine's Day to all. Here's your Daily Digest for Feb. 14, 2012:

Comedian John Fugelsang shared the story of his parents on NPR this morning. They were madly in love, he says. In fact, they each had to break their vows to the Catholic Church in order to marry. Prior to their marriage, his dad was a Franciscan monk and his mother was a nun. Fugelsang remembers his dad always displaying his devoted love to his wife. “You know, we live in a culture where men are not really celebrated for love,” he said. That’s why he tweeted his parents’ story last August – a year after his father’s death.

In case you’re single and, in general, offended by Valentine’s Day, here are a couple guides for making it through the day by either avoiding the romance of others or embracing the day and being your own date.

Do you work out? A study by Indiana University shows that couples that exercise together are 34 percent more likely to go work out than those who exercise individually, according to the Star Tribune. From boxing to regular rec center workouts, fitness experts say couples often help each other stay committed to their exercise/weight loss goals. Couples say it’s a way to burn off stress together, which takes the edge off of the relationship. A marriage and family therapist told the Strib: “It is a way of physically sharing an experience with each other, an often refreshing and much needed alternative to more verbal means of connecting, allowing couples to just be with each other."