Mammogram cartoon

Simon Gruber

When did Fox News start drawing your editorial cartoons? What does The Minnesota Daily cartoonist mean by âÄúgovernment studyâÄù in the Nov. 23 cartoon? Do you mean a study conducted by the government, or research funded through government funds, like most research in all areas of medical science? ItâÄôs confusing. I guess the implication is what IâÄôve heard from so many Republicans and pundits this week: The government has just randomly decided to do away with womenâÄôs health based on no evidence. ItâÄôs the start of rationing. To acknowledge that the research that governmentâÄôs recommendation was based on was not actually conducted by the government or that the recommendation did not take health care costs into account would be too difficult, I guess. Or that the recommendation was made by a panel of âÄúindependentâÄù doctors entirely appointed by the Bush administration. Or that the recommendation is nonbinding and would have no effect on government-run health care. The reaction to the government panelâÄôs recommendation has been nothing but emotional, which obviously doesnâÄôt make sense. I guess I just donâÄôt see the need for mocking research in general, government-funded or not. Simon Gruber University graduate student