Local housing: too expensive

It’s time for students to fight for affordable housing options.

by Editorial board

In the past few years, luxury apartments have overtaken the neighborhoods surrounding the University of Minnesota. Sydney Hall, the 412 Lofts, FloCo Fusion Landmark Apartments, Solhaus and Limelight Apartments are just some of the large, expensive complexes crowding out reasonably priced living options for students.

Currently, another luxury apartment is being built in Stadium Village, and plans for yet another in Dinkytown are underway.

These expensive complexes are demolishing historical parts of the community like the Harvard Market and Oak Street Cinema. They are also significantly adding to the financial burdens of many students. With tuition constantly rising, affordable housing is essential for students.

The proliferation of expensive apartments are also forcing students who canâÄôt pay absurdly high rents to live farther from campus, since most near-campus locations are being snapped up by luxury complexes. Affordable options are being pushed farther away from campus, forcing students who want to live cheaply to move to places far away from campus like the Southeast Como neighborhood.

Many out-of-state students donâÄôt have the means or time to research the local housing market to find the most affordable place. These students often end up having to settle with the more visible high priced luxury complexes.

While more housing space is needed around campus, that space must be affordable for the average student. Instead of settling for overpriced living, students should fight for accessible and affordable housing options that are close to campus.