University job reclassification project

The Minnesota Daily issued an editorial Feb. 13 with the headline “Reassessing jobs could go astray.” The blurb read: “The reclassification of jobs will raise the wages of employees making less than market value.”

A more accurate headline and blurb would be, “Evaluating jobs allows accurate job classification and pay equity. Reclassification is cost-neutral.”

The marketplace has changed significantly. There are many areas of work that didn’t exist 40 years ago. Additionally, work has become increasingly complex.

The Office of Human Resources analysis seeks to reflect these changes and support its employees and the University of Minnesota. It is clearly time for an updated system to ensure OHR employees are paid consistently with the current market. We are expecting the financial impact to be cost-neutral.

Once the work is complete, employees will be classified in positions that reflect their work and will have more clearly defined career paths. And when we’re asked about the makeup of our workforce, we will be confident in our answer.