O-Line coach Meyer resigns

by Austin Cumblad

Just made it to my computer after class and saw the release regarding offensive line coach Phil Meyer’s resignation.  I was going to throw up a quick blurb about it but I noticed my apparently omniscient editor was a step ahead of me and had it posted already.  So instead, I figured I would toss in my two cents about his stepping down.

Obviously, I can’t speculate with a whole lot of accuracy about this, but my feeling is Meyer didn’t leave entirely on his own terms.  The O-line’s struggles were well-documented throughout the season, and though it was populated by youngsters and plagued by injuries, no evident strides were made as the season progressed.  So while this will be called a resignation, I have to think some pressure was placed on Meyer to vacate his post.

Quick side note: A bit of a red flag was raised for me after Saturday’s 55-0 loss against Iowa, when Brewster repeatedly said Minnesota’s lines need to "get bigger and stronger" in order to improve but not much else.  ‘Surely after four straight losses, more needs to be done than weight training,’ I thought to myself.  

But, assuming Meyer was pushed out, this indicates that Brewster has identified a weakness and is looking to correct it.  And if Meyer went on his own, well, Brewster still has the chance to improve a weak area.  According to the release, a national search for a replacement is already underway; I’d imagine the spot will be filled by the time the Gophers begin their bowl preparation.  It will be interesting to see who Brewster finds.  If this hire turns out as well as Brewster’s last, defensive coordinator Ted Roof, who knows?  We may be talking this time next year about the remarkable improvement of the offensive line from one year to the next.