These are the fall specials you should be drinking at your local coffee shop

A&E rounds up the best fall-specific offerings from nearby cafes.

A spicy and sweet Chai Latte offered at the Purple Onion Cafe on Oct. 9, 2016.

Easton Green

A spicy and sweet Chai Latte offered at the Purple Onion Cafe on Oct. 9, 2016.

Maddy Folstein

The local campus coffee shop is the ideal place to escape on a chilly fall day. However, finding the perfect fit is tricky. Convenience, Wi-Fi strength and a healthy mix of syrupy drinks are on the must list.

This fall, look past the lines at Caribou and Starbucks. There will still be pumpkin spice but also … cats.

Espresso Royale

Stuck in the middle of busy Dinkytown, Espresso Royale offers escape. In a true testament to its popularity, the line stretched almost to the door around noon on Saturday.

“I think I really like the idea of [its] coffee shop vibe … really good music and books. It’s fun to come with friends and study,” said Riley Broughten, a junior at the University of Minnesota studying math.

For the rare visitor with no homework, Espresso Royale has you covered. The walls are lined with used books priced $3 to $10 for borrowing or buying. The less uncommon student that misses their pets from home can find comfort in the knowledge that many animals are regulars at Espresso Royale (tiny cat Kimmy is a fan favorite).

If you’re battling the plague that seems to travel around the dorms in the fall, grab a cup of “Feel Better” tea, a special blend with honey and lemon to soothe any sore throat.

Espresso Royale — the Costco of local coffee shops — succeeds because it offers something for everyone. You could probably survive here for days.

The Purple Onion Cafe

The Purple Onion — a Dinkytown classic — is spacious, bright and clean.

Perfect for those looking to burrow away for a full day, the food selection is much more extensive than an offering of cold cut sandwiches. Expect hearty breakfast plates and toasted sandwiches.

On a particularly gray day, Purple Onion is the ideal place to battle the blues. Floor-to-ceiling windows allow plenty of natural light.

Humble Cup

Just a couple of blocks off of the Green Line, this coffee shop is exactly what its name suggests — humble. The simple decor and the quieter West Bank neighborhood offer a more peaceful setting for a fall day.

With plenty of outlets and battered board games, Humble Cup can serve as a gathering place for West Bank residents and visitors alike.

The menu contains a short selection of specialty drinks and a longer list of old standbys. Offerings cater to espresso explorers — you’ll find exotic brews and habanero syrup.

Looking for a closer-knit community? Humble Cup may be the place.

“I come here probably once or twice a week. My boyfriend, who lives out of state, had called and ordered a gift card. The owner of the store actually brought it over to my apartment, which was super nice,” said Nicole Streifel, a first year University law student.

Your own dorm or apartment

Sure, the setting might not be as cute, but some days the cold might just be too strong to venture beyond the walls of your own home.

Achieving that cozy fall coffee shop vibe isn’t too difficult. The secret to those spicy, sweet chai lattes? Chai syrup and the milk of your choice. Grab your favorite book (or your most urgent homework assignment), light a cinnamon candle (or dorm-friendly alternative) and breathe in that crisp air.