College is the time to travel abroad

Enrich your perspective of the world with a journey around it.

Candice Wheeler


College is the time to be curious. We need to take advantage of our time and embark on an adventure before we lose that chance. Traveling and studying abroad âÄî completely immersing yourself in another culture âÄî can impact your life significantly. And if we plan to make a difference in the world as young adults, we need that international experience now more than ever.

Any period of time overseas is worthwhile, and the more time the better because the only way one can really learn about another culture is to live in it. Last semester, I studied abroad in Italy, and I can honestly say that I did not have enough time there. Especially when learning a language, four months is barely enough time to mentally unpack. Time flew by as it always does, but I learned more about myself over the course of those four months than I had ever before.

College is a time to embrace personal change and growth. Making the choice to travel independently can jump start this growing process. The ability to deal with change helps the travelerâÄôs transition when leaving a place he or she has become deeply accustomed to. It was very difficult for me to leave Italy âÄî my time there felt unfinished. But because I have become accustomed to change, I am able to understand the fact that I am still young and one day I can go back. My trip was just the beginning.

 I wouldnâÄôt have been able to adjust as well as I did if it werenâÄôt for the people I met. I made life-long friendships with people from all over the world. There is only experience to be gained by a venture overseas; thereâÄôs really nothing to lose.

My time abroad did nothing but make me a more determined person. I feel rejuvenated to have lived in a different culture, and I think itâÄôs kind of beautiful that I and other students have the freedom to travel and live out these dreams so early in life. Most of us donâÄôt know exactly where weâÄôll end up, but for now we might as well just enjoy the ride while weâÄôre on it.