Weekend Culture Compass – Halloween events and saying goodbye to the Uptown Bar

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Catch Roxanne Jackson's

Catch Roxanne Jackson’s “We Believe in Some Thing” on its last weekend at the M.I.A. PHOTO COURTESY MINNEAPOLIS INSTITUTE OF THE ARTS

Becky Lang, Tony Libera

Friday Film âÄì Rocky Horror Picture Show The Uptown Theatre 2906 Hennepin Ave. $9 12 a.m. ThereâÄôs no better way to prepare for Halloween than by sharing a dark, sticky theater with all sorts of twisted human souls and shouting in frenzied unison at the beloved âÄúRocky Horror Picture Show.âÄù Fans of Dr. Frank-N-Furter and the gang have been at it since the âÄô70s, but the perfect moment of exhibition only comes once a year, when the air is thick with the scent of pumpkins and leaves and Halloween lurks in the shadows. Bust out your best lingerie or gold lamé booty shorts and do the time warp to Uptown for the most fun and sexually confusing two hours of your life. Music âÄî Haunted House, Vampire Hands Hexagon Bar 2600 27th Ave. S. 8 p.m. Why not choose some spooky-named bands to get ready for Halloween this season (they happen to be notable as well). Plus, getting to the Hex in the dark is kind of like a haunted hayride. Comedy âÄì Creature Feature Brave New Workshop 2605 Hennepin Ave. S. $10 10:30 p.m. The 30th marks the last night of Brave New WorkshopâÄôs Creature Feature, an improvised monster movie of madness, mayhem and maybe even murder. The players take suggestions from the audience, building the story into what could be the funniest show in town or the most bloodcurdling. Patrons make the call, and with all the diabolic evil filling the cityâÄôs souls on Halloween eve, it will surely be a hell of a time. Dance Parties âÄî The Breaks Suburban World Theatre 3022 Hennepin Ave. S. 9 p.m. $3 This dance party is one of the cityâÄôs best-kept secrets. Set at UptownâÄôs Suburban World Theatre (where the ceiling looks like the sky), kung-fu, break-dancing and DJs abound. Art âÄì The Louvre and The Masterpiece Minneapolis Institute of Arts 2400 3rd Ave. S. $30.50 6:30 p.m. Of course, not everything has to be Halloween related this weekend. There are plenty of great ways to get some culture before your unholy night of rampant alcoholism and wanton debauchery begins. The Minneapolis Institute of Arts, for example, is hosting what might be the hottest ticket in town for art lovers on a budget. We canâÄôt all fly to Paris, but, as luck would have it, The Louvre knows how to share. TheyâÄôve sent over a priceless collection of works spanning the centuries, from the Renaissance to the time of the pharaohs. Merci, Louvre. Merci beaucoup. Saturday Music âÄî Loudon Wainwright III The Cedar Cultural Center 416 Cedar Ave. S. 8 p.m. $20/$22 The pop of Rufus and Martha, Loudon comes from a family that is not unfamiliar with cursing poetically and singing cleverly irreligious tunes. Why not gear up for trick-or-treating with the man who was once the next Bobby D.? Music âÄî All the Pretty Horses, The No NoâÄôs and Uzza Nomad World Pub 501 Cedar Ave. S. 9 p.m. Rumor has it that at All the Pretty HorsesâÄô shows theyâÄôve been known to have thong-clad women create sparks with power sanders. Scary. Good thing the Nomad sells smokes. Art âÄì Dan Graham: Beyond Walker Art Center 1750 Hennepin Ave. $Free with admission 2 p.m. For the first time in America, art aficionados can view collected works of Dan Graham. View might not be the right word; experience would be more apt considering the various ways a person must engage GrahamâÄôs pieces. ThereâÄôs a little bit of everything, from media installations to glass-and-mirror pavilions, but all his works force the audience to interact, in one way or another. Graham will also take part in a conversation about his life and work with an opening performance by post-punk darlings Japanther. Music âÄì Ben Folds Orchestra Hall 1111 Nicollet Mall $25-50 8 p.m. Chances are youâÄôve already got plans for Sat. night, but in case you donâÄôt, thereâÄôs always Ben FoldsâÄô special brand of nerdy alt-rock stylings to enjoy. His regular show is probably a blast, but the backing symphony provided by the Minnesota Orchestra will undoubtedly surpass the average night with the Folds-meister. Tim and Eric support him, so A&E does too. Art âÄì Xavier Tavera: Farsas Weisman Art Museum 333 E. River Rd. $Free For some inexplicable reason, the soap-operatic world of pseudo-wrestling has always captured our attention and won our hearts. ItâÄôs such a compelling âÄúsportâÄù that even a man as intelligent as the esteemed literary theorist Roland Barthes felt he had to write about it. ItâÄôs hard to say what draws us in (Barthes argued it is the spectacle), but we donâÄôt need to understand to enjoy. In the latest Weisman exhibit, photographer Xavier Tavera, dealing in part with Luchadores, manages to capture some of that ineffable spirit on film through portraits of the wildly masked wrestlers. What could be a better complement to Halloween? Sunday Art âÄî Roxanne Jackson: We Believe in Some Thing Minneapolis Institute of Arts 2400 3rd Ave. S. The name says it all; thereâÄôs not much wishy-washy sentiment in this Damien Hirst- derivative display of contorted animal sculptures. Perfect for a âÄôween hangover. Catch it on its last day. Fashion âÄî Intersections: Where Art Meets Fashion The Goldstein Museum of Design 1985 Buford Ave. TodayâÄôs the final day for the St. Paul CampusâÄô own design gallery to show this pop art fashion exhibit. Does art influence fashion or vice versa? A comic character on a coat might have some insight. Theater âÄì Othello Open Book 1011 Washington Ave. S. $25 8 p.m. Those of you who are unfamiliar with the story of Othello have an incredible opportunity to get schooled. This presentation of the timeless tragedy happens to be performed by the phenomenal Ten Thousand Things theater troupe, which features none other than theater super-stud Ansa Akyea as Othello. His incredible range and heart-wrenching emotion makes him one of the finest stage actors working today, and his cohorts help make the production live up to olâÄô Billy ShakespeareâÄôs ambition. Film âÄì The Muppet Movie Heights Theater 3951 Central Ave. N.E. 1 p.m. Amidst all the turmoil in the world, racial, political and any other kind of âÄìal, one concept remains universal: the love of the Muppets. Jim HensonâÄôs adorable little creatures have been going strong for over thirty years and they donâÄôt seem to be letting up. Word has it that Jason Segel is producing a brand spankinâÄô new Muppet Movie in the not-too-distant-future, but until then fans can watch their favorite characters back on the silver screen. To quote Homer J. SimpsonâÄôs immortal words on the Muppet, âÄúit’s not quite a mop and it’s not quite a puppet, but man âĦ (laughter ensues).âÄù Music âÄì The Day of the Dead: The Final Show Uptown Bar & Cafe 3018 Hennepin Ave. S $Free 9 p.m. The post-Halloween hangover is going to get a lot more somber the night of Nov. 1, not because itâÄôs the Day of the Dead, but because after seven decades of liquoring up the locals, the Uptown Bar & Café is closing. ItâÄôs a shame to be sure; the Uptown Bar had strong drinks and even stronger rock âÄònâÄô roll. But alas, thatâÄôs the way it goes. Say goodbye the only way befitting an institution: get drunk and listen to the shredding of guitars until your ears bleed. WeâÄôll miss you, old friend. Culture to Consume Watch this: Catch Sufjan StevensâÄô âÄúThe BQEâÄù which is screening at the State Theatre on the 29. The film explores the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway, and follows a performance by Osso, the band that re-recorded StevensâÄô âÄúEnjoy Your Rabbit.âÄù Read this: Interviews with Tracy Morgan in every publication from GQ to Time in order to prep for his first memoir, âÄúI Am the New Black.âÄù Listen to this: Devendra BahnhartâÄôs âÄúWhat Will Be Will BeâÄù dropped this week, and WeezerâÄôs âÄúRaditudeâÄù is coming out Tue. If youâÄôre not into either of those acts, you might like boring music. Try Carrie UnderwoodâÄôs âÄúPlay On.âÄù Eat this: Craft some of those Halloween treats into a Skor Raspberry Cheesecake. A raspberry pie filling and an Oreo cookie crust will make your roommates sack of candy look like a joke. Drink this: City Pages called candy corn one of the worst Halloween candies around, but we at A&E disagree. Whip up a Candy Corn Cocktail for Halloween by infusing some regular vodka with candy corn overnight and then mixing it with a bit of club soda. Click this: Check out Burlesque of North AmericaâÄôs website to see some of the best poster design in the city. Their palate is electric, their motifs are monstrously mystical and their haunting ground is in the basement location of the First Amendment Gallery .