Flu shot count update

by Cody Zwiefelhofer

In the first two hours, there are 1736 total flu shots that have been distributed so far. This is on pace to break the world record set by Guinness. Here are the breakdowns by location: Java City in Mayo: 420 St. Paul: 436 Northrop: 480 Hubert Humphrey Center: 400 I’m sitting at the Java City location in the Mayo building typing this. If you’re in a rush for a flu shot, you might want to consider another location — the line here extends all the way to Weaver-Densford Hall. It’s been constant, too — one worker said that there were around 100 people waiting in line when vaccinations started at 8:00 a.m. In about 15 minutes, some Minnesota Vikings will be over at Northrop to get their flu shots. The next update will be shortly after noon.