Making medical school fashionable

The medical and design schools met in a charity fashion show — with scrubs.

by Erin Lengas

Anyone who watches Project Runway knows the drill. Designers follow specific guidelines to create an end product that caters to a common theme. One material the show has not experimented with, however, is medical scrubs.

On April 16, the Medical School Student Council and student group Fashion and Business successfully reproduced a Project Runway-esque show, called “Scrubbed into Fashion,” that challenged students to create outfits from medical scrubs. The event raised money for Smile Network International, an organization that helps repair cleft lips and palates in underprivileged children.

Flashing lights and blaring techno-pop music welcomed me to Rapson Hall, where the medical school merged with the sartorial set for this philanthropic fashion show.

Six student designers created two outfits âÄî a high-fashion look and a ready-to-wear version âÄî using medical scrubs. They were judged on four criteria: construction of the garments, uniqueness, presentation and incorporation of the scrubs.

Christopher Straub, a former contestant on Project Runway, emceed the event. His bubbly personality and genuine excitement drew me in to the impressive show.

The designers amazed me as well, as I consider myself to be artistically challenged. They transformed everyday scrubs into brilliant pieces of fashion while bringing a slice of Minnesota Fashion Week to campus.

The judges chose apparel design student Jennifer Voth as the winner. She said the beautifully intricate chamber-like cutouts in her garments were inspired by the anatomy of the human heart.

Needless to say, the night was a success. These student designers changed the way we think of ordinary medical scrubs and showed that the University of Minnesota is a place where science and art donâÄôt have to be separate.


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