Yay, horses

Andrew Jauhola

I was unsure if the author of âÄúWhoaaa, Trigger!âÄù from the Oct. 15 issue was slighting The Minnesota Daily for writing about the UMPD mounted patrol or was eagerly awaiting the next installment chronicling the mounted patrolâÄôs adventures. Personally, I enjoyed the article about the UMPD mounted officers. I was glad the Daily was indeed serious when reporting that the mounted officers train with their horses to safely complete job required tasks such as writing tickets and discharging their weapons while mounted. It was also informative to read that mounted officers are often called in for crowd control because it is safer for our boys in blue. The addition of mounted police adds another tool to the policeâÄôs tool chest, allowing them to keep the University of Minnesota community safe. From the article, itâÄôs clear that the officers find that most citizens enjoy meeting the mounted patrol, even if they are ticketed. Bravo, Daily, for giving the people what they want: more horse stories. Andrew Jauhola University graduate student