The Citadel deals with harassment

CHARLESTON, S.C. (AP) — A male cadet at The Citadel was thrown out of school and nine others were given lesser punishments in the hazing and harassment of two female cadets, officials of the military school said on Monday.
One cadet was cleared, and the FBI and state investigators continue to look into the women’s allegations for possible criminal charges.
“The college made mistakes and individuals broke rules,” interim President Clifton Poole said. “We have gotten the facts. We have heard the evidence, and we have punished those cadets who have violated regulations.”
Of 15 male cadets who faced discipline, one was dismissed and one was given the next most severe punishment: He is restricted to campus for the rest of the semester and must do 120 hours of marching with an unloaded rifle in the barracks courtyard.
Eight of the cadets received lesser punishments, ranging from shorter marching tours and demerits to confinement to the barracks.
Previously, three implicated cadets left school and one received marching and demerits.
Cadets Jeanie Mentavlos of Charlotte, N.C., and Kim Messer of Clover said their clothes were set on fire and cleanser was put on their heads. They also said last semester they were forced to drink tea until they became ill, made to drink alcohol and forced to stand in a closet while being shoved and kicked.
They didn’t return to the state military school for the spring semester. The Citadel still has two female cadets. It began accepting women last June after a court battle.
“Hopefully this will bring to a conclusion a most painful chapter in our history,” Poole said. “With these punishments, The Citadel has exhausted the remedies available to it under the college’s published rules.”
The school did not identify the punished cadets. The dismissed cadet can apply for readmission after a year.