Shot of love

Chris Harrington rubs passionate licks on his big guitar

Claire Joseph

Rock lives in Minneapolis’ backyard.

Chris Harrington, a local musician, recently released his new album, “You the Provider,” a collection of songs dripping with passion.

At first, “You the Provider” seems a tad rough around the edges. But this roughness sets it apart from many current rock albums, giving it an independent sound that, in a world of corporate control, is oftentimes hard to find.

This raw edginess mirrors Harrington’s perception of reality.

The song “Now it Just is” is about a strained romantic relationship. Harrington sings: “I used to tear as I saw you/ and manufacture disbelief/ you’d come only as a surprise/ never when I wanted you in my sight.”

Harrington, a self-taught guitar player, has mastered the art of both the acoustic and electric guitar. In an interview with The Minnesota Daily last week, Harrington said music wasn’t always a priority in his life.

In high school, Harrington quit playing the guitar altogether, and it wasn’t until college that he began playing again and created the “joke band” Mother-Goose.

Now, finding himself on a more serious note, Harrington has created a band filled with musically experienced talent. Mark Wade (bassist) and Ryan Smith (guitar), from the local band Melismatics, and Sean Hoffman (drums), from the local band Faux Jean, help to give Harrington’s album both substance and quality.

Beyond its realistic lyrics, Harrington’s album is set apart by its unexpected twists, turns and lyrical surprises, making it fresh and worth a listen.