DFL’s Kahn runs unopposed after redistricting snafu derails opponent

by Elizabeth Dunbar

Democratic State Rep. Phyllis Kahn represents the University’s Minneapolis campus area and faces no opposition in Tuesday’s election after the state Supreme Court ruled that her opponent’s name be taken off the ballot.

Jason Samuels, a University senior, was planning to run against Kahn in District 59B as the Green Party candidate.

Samuels said he moved in June and checked the district boundaries to make sure he would not jeopardize his campaign by moving outside the district.

However, Samuels said, the new boundaries – drawn in March – had not been updated on the secretary of state’s Web site. Samuels said he thought because his new residence was within approximately eight blocks of the old boundary that it would still be in District 59B.

Samuels said by August he realized he was two and a half blocks outside the district and sought advice from the Green Party and the secretary of state’s office about how he could remain in the race.

“It turned out that the best case for fighting for residency was going to be moving back,” he said.

Samuels moved to a house in the Dinkytown neighborhood in September that is inside District 59B boundaries. Samuels said he received a certified letter Sept. 3 from Hennepin County Elections