NRCC pulls plug on Bachmann ads

Mike Rose

Republican U.S. Rep Michele Bachman, who has come under fire lately for comments questioning Barack Obama’s patriotism on the TV program “Hardball,” lost advertising funding today from the National Republican Congressional Committee, the Star Tribune reports. The NRCC, which runs ads for national GOP congressional candidates, pulled ads that were scheduled to begin Monday and run through Election Day, Nov. 4. This has coincided with a surge in national funding for Bachmann’s challenger, Elwyn Tinklenberg, who has received $1.3 million worth of donations since Bachmann’s remarks on Friday. This could mean a tightening of the 6th District race. Previously, many felt the 3rd District race between Republican Erik Paulsen and Democrat Ashwin Madia would be the closest in the state – if not the country- but now the Bachmann-Tinklenberg race might join the ranks of the ultra-competitive. This Cook Report analysis now has the 6th District classified as a “tossup.” What do you think? Will today’s news sink the Bachmann campaign, or will she win a race in a conservative district where she has consistently led in polls? Mike Rose City editor