Response to Fake ID article

by Alex Hermanny

The Minnesota Daily published an article on Nov. 21 about a surge in fake ID cases at the University of Minnesota. This article contained some information about potential legal consequences of using a fake ID. One area that the article did not address is the potential for identity theft.

Students who order a fake ID online are giving many parts of their personally identifiable information to individuals who have shown they are not concerned with breaking state and federal laws in the United States.

Many of the websites used by University of Minnesota students to order IDs are hosted in other nations and only accept payment via bitcoin or wiring money (through Western Union, for example). Anonymity is crucial for these companies.

Even if a student changes some personally identifiable information, many of the gaps could be filled in through simple Google searches to get a student’s address, actual date of birth, or other facts that could lead to identity theft.

Identity theft is a real risk for everyone — a risk with potentially significant ramifications for victims. Before University students send their money and their personal information to people who are not afraid to break U.S. law, please consider what other consequences may come from trying to get a drink at the bar.

Alex Hermanny

Student Conduct Coordinator

Editor’s Note: This letter has been edited for style.