Police officer assaulted near campus

Also, the ninth robbery in the past five weeks occurred over the weekend.

by Jake Stark

A Minneapolis police officer was attacked Saturday night in Stadium View Apartments while  trying to break up a fight.

The victim, a Minneapolis patrol officer, arrived with four other officers at the scene of a fight at Stadium View around 10:30 p.m., according to a report. The officers were called to the scene because paramedics inside the apartment building were being assaulted by three male suspects.

The victim tried to break up the fight, but the report said one of the men began punching him repeatedly in the face. The other officers stepped in to help, and the two other men began fighting them as well.

The victim sustained a severe cut on his face from the fight and received medical treatment at the scene.

Minneapolis police Sgt. Steve McCarty said assaults against police officers are not uncommon, especially when the suspects have been drinking.

The three suspects were eventually arrested by the four officers. The suspect who first attacked the police victim was arrested on suspicion of felony fourth-degree assault — which is only given when someone physically assaults certain public officials, like a police officer, firefighter or EMT. The other suspects were cited for obstruction of justice.

Man robbed near Eighth Street

A man was assaulted and robbed near Eighth Street Southeast early Saturday morning, according to a Minneapolis police report.

It was the ninth robbery to take place near campus in the past five weeks.

Two male suspects attacked the victim, 21, after he separated from his group of friends in Dinkytown, the report said. The suspects took the victim’s wallet, which contained his driver’s license, a debit card and a credit card, before they ran.

The victim continued to walk to his friend’s house, where he called the police. After police arrived, the victim was too drunk to describe the suspects or the exact time he was robbed, according to the report.

Paramedics treated the victim at the scene for small cuts to his head, the report said.

McCarty said it will be difficult for police to track down the suspects because of the victim’s inability to describe them.

He added that, in most of the nine robberies to take place near campus, the victims have either had too much to drink or been totally alone when they were attacked.

“When you are alone and drunk, it makes you an easy target for criminals,” McCarty said.