Some advice for the DFL

I was glad to read Chris Schafer’s column “If Republicans can’t deliver, they will pass from power” (Nov. 13). Being a Republican, I was grateful to accept Schafer’s criticism and suggestions.

It is nice to know that he is concerned for the GOP’s well-being and interested in helping it remain in power. However, the fact of the matter is, the GOP is doing just fine. Republican candidates won across the country by campaigning on issues average American voters care about and agree with Republicans on.

These issues include smaller government, lower taxes, strong defense, support for a war on terrorists (including Saddam Hussein) and family values that don’t include abortion on demand.

Let me reciprocate Schafer’s generosity and give the Democratic Party a little advice. Minnesotan Democrats have forgotten their party name ends with Farmer-Labor. Remember middle-class, working families? The Democrats used to represent them.

Democrats have forgotten the concerns of average citizens and are being led, if at all, by radicals on the left who religiously worship the environment, pit economic classes against each other, fight tooth and nail for the legality of partial-birth abortions and hold up gay marriage as the panacea for our country.

American voters either disagree with these positions or don’t care about them. Schafer is wrong. The Democratic Party is the one who must return to the middle of the political spectrum and work to please moderates or they will pass from power. Oh wait, they already have.

Chris Martin, law student