Regents discuss attacks, race relations

The Board of Regents expressed, during the board meeting Friday, its sorrow over the terrorist attacks.

The first order of business on the national day of mourning was a moment of silence in recognition of everyone affected by the attacks, including those who fear retribution, said Board Chairwoman Maureen Reed.

University President Mark Yudof ended the meeting by expressing concern for the international students on campus and said it would be irresponsible to assign blame to any students based on their background.

“It’s a scary time for many international students,” said Yudof. “We want to do everything in our power to make them feel secure.”

The regents meetings were scheduled to be in Crookston but were relocated to the Gateway alumni center in the aftermath of Tuesday’s events. The board was in full attendance except for Regent H. Bryan Neel, who was stranded in Colorado.

The five regents appointed in July by Gov. Jesse Ventura were officially sworn in before the meeting began by a Minnesota Supreme Court justice.

Frank Berman, Jean Keffeler, Richard McNamara, Michael O’Keefe and Lakeesha Ransom each took their oath of office, pledging to serve the University to the best of their abilities.

-Liz Kohman