Beyoncé: sync or swim?

by Meghan O'Connor


This week the Twittersphere was all abuzz with the affirmation that Beyoncé did indeed lip-sync at the 54th inauguration for President Barack Obama.

“Yikes,” was my initial reaction after reading the article in the Chicago Tribune on Tuesday evening, which confirmed the lip-syncing suspicions and repealed the accolades she received for removing her earpiece toward the end of the piece.

Ultimately, I was just shocked. I mean we all know Beyoncé has the pipes to bring the house down, so why would she drag herself down to the level of Taylor Swift at the American Music Awards?

Being a musician of sorts myself I mulled over this sensation for probably more time than would be considered acceptable. But, it brought me to an unexpected conclusion: she was justified in choosing to lip-sync.

This wasn’t just a performance singing the National Anthem at just any old football game. This is the inauguration of our president, kind of a big deal. For that fact I understand why she chose at the last-minute to go ahead with the pre-recorded music. Not to mention her inability to practice with the U.S. Marine Band prior to the ceremony.

While it may not have been the below zero temperatures we are now experiencing in the Twin Cities, it was a chilly day in our country’s capital. Now, imagine trying to belt out one of the most vocally challenging pieces in fear that your voice will crack or the cold will jumpstart a coughing fit.

I may be taking this to the extremes, but I really do stand behind Beyoncé’s decision to forgo a live performance. The reason being, she has real talent. Anyone who is anyone has heard Beyoncé’s voice at one point in time and has been overcome with chills for her booming voice.

If she were to perform and make a prominent mistake this could not only tarnish her reputation as an artist, but also take away from the event at hand, the inauguration of our country’s president.

There is no question that it was Beyoncé’s voice, so why dwell on the fact that it wasn’t performed live? She gave a stellar performance and we should all just leave it at that.