BOTB Champions Wealthy Relative & Sayth to open for Mac Miller and Mod Sun on Saturday

by Jackie Renzetti

The second time must be the charm. After competing solo in Spring Jam’s Battle of the Bands last year as Wealthy Relative, Dan Fork brought along Eric Wells this year to compete as Wealthy Relative & Sayth — and the two emerged victorious.

Treading North, Male Models, Violet Eyes and Hippocampus were the other combatants last night in front of Coffman.

Each band delivered a promising set. Treading North entranced the growing audience with their dreamy, head-bob-worthy tunes as concert goers trickled in. Male Models took the stage with a chill attitude and provided a set filled with upbeat indie rock that got people moving on the lawn.

Wealthy Relative & Sayth were up third, and had a bit of an awkward start with some technical difficulties, but were quickly able to move on. They offered quirky stage banter to make up for the minor mishaps. Their lyrics varied from recounting their experience of playing Pokemon to contemplating the meaning of being human. As they strutted and danced around, their energy spilled into the front audience, with many shouting for an encore at the end of their performance.

Following Wealthy Relative & Sayth, Violet Eyes gave the crowd a mini rock show dominated by lead singer Maeve Moynihan’s impressive vocals. They had audience members singing and dancing to their closing song — a combined cover of The Black Keys’ “Lonely Boy” and Jimi Hendrix’s “Voodoo Child.” Hippocampus was the final act, and by this point, the crowd was well warmed up. The heightened enthusiasm of the crowd combined with the band’s energy made for some eye-catching rough housing in the front of the audience, with several attendees body slamming each other. Hippocampus brought an abundance of their own exuberance to the stage as they performed their indie pop set, leaving the audience demanding more.

Because of the 20-minute limit for sets, no encores were had, but each of the runner ups had a worthwhile time in the spotlight.

The judges gave a specific prize to each contestant. Male Model earned a gift card for the Electric Fetus, Violet Eyes was rewarded with a gift certificate for Twin Town Guitars, Hippocampus landed a spot for this fall’s WAM-O-Rama line-up, Treading North received an in-studio with Radio K, and Wealthy Relative & Sayth won the coveted opening slot for Mac Miller and Mod Sun Saturday night at the Mariucci.