Green Party holds rally at Willey Hall

by Molly Moker

A $15 sound system and some fliers is all it takes to hold a successful political rally, College Green co-chairman Jesse Lickel said.

The student group organized a Green Party rally at Willey Hall on Monday that featured Green Party presidential hopeful David Cobb.

Cobb said he supports higher education, and it would be free, if he were president.

“I’d make it free the same way high schools are free,” he said. “If you want to attend, you should be able to go for free.”

Cobb said bringing home the U.S. troops, developing sustainable energy programs, raising the minimum wage and creating universal health-care coverage are important to him.

Lickel said he was pleased with the event’s turnout, which drew approximately 150 people.

“We got a lot of people interested in joining our group and the local candidates,” he said.

Although Lickel said he is confident in Cobb as a candidate, he is not optimistic that his party will have victory come Election Day.

“I know who I want to vote for, but our system doesn’t really allow that,” he said.

Jay Pond, a Green Party congressional candidate in Minnesota’s Fifth District, said ending the war in Iraq is a huge issue.

He said he does not want to see the draft reinstated, because it will target minorities and the poor.

“If we’re going to send more people over, I want them to be white and I want them to be rich, not poor and of color,” he said. “That’s racist and hypocritical.”

Cobb said he encourages students to get involved this election season and vote for him.

“Don’t waste your vote on the corporate party,” he said. “Vote Green Party – it’s your future.”

Although Lickel said he was pleased with the turnout, he would have liked to see more students.

Tomorrow is the first College Green meeting of the year. The group will meet every Tuesday at 9 p.m. in Coffman Union.