The syrupy taste of greed

The University must seriously reconsider its relationship with Coca-Cola Co.

Bravo to the Minnesota Student Association for urging the University administration to look into the international business practices of Coca-Cola Co.

Bravo to senate member Kris Houlton at the University Senate for pushing for a vendor code of conduct.

It’s about time the University starts seriously reconsidering its relationship with Coca-Cola. True, Coca-Cola provides this University with some revenue stream, but we must question if we as a University are willing to sacrifice our principles for short-term gains.

Coca-Cola’s role in stealing water from villages in the Kerala region of India is well-documented. The murders of union leaders in Coca-Cola’s Colombian bottling plants also cannot be denied. The University of Michigan and New York University have declared that they will not support a corporation that is willing to go to such extremes in the pursuit of profit. It’s time the University does the same if the Coca-Cola Company is not willing to submit to an independent investigation of these events.

For more information on Coke’s union abuses visit Tell University President Bob Bruininks and your student-government that you won’t buy another Coca-Cola product, including Odwalla juice, Powerade and other refreshments sold by the University, until an independent investigation is conducted into Coca-Cola’s business practices.

Think twice before downing that bottle of Coke. The red of its label is more than an American icon, it’s a reminder of Coca-Cola’s greed and the lives that have suffered and the blood that has been lost because of it.