No more “birther” talk

It’s time to end the useless discussion of birth certificates in the GOP primary.

by Daily Editorial Board

In an interview Wednesday on ABCâÄôs “Good Morning America,” Minnesota Congresswoman and GOP presidential hopeful Michele Bachmann said the controversy over President Barack ObamaâÄôs birth certificate “is not the main issue facing the United States right now.”

As she continues with her primary campaign, Bachmann âÄî as well as the rest of the potential Republican candidates âÄî would do well to put that issue aside and focus on the many more pressing problems facing the country today.

With the exception of Donald Trump âÄî who recently began to vocally doubt ObamaâÄôs citizenship âÄî and the fringe of the conservative voters, the majority of Republican politicians and voters seems to be moving away from the absurd belief that Obama wasnâÄôt born in the U.S.

To her credit, Bachmann said in her interview, “I take the president at his word.” She has refrained from questioning his eligibly to be

But Bachmann has made a point of saying, “I have no problem giving my birth certificate” for public inspection.

Even bringing up the issue of her birth certificate is a political stunt that adds nothing to the discourse of the GOP primary. She should leave that discussion to Trump.

From now on we hope that Bachmann will begin to act like the president she hopes to be by refraining from talking further about birth certificates âÄî hers or anyone elseâÄôs.