Give Bush a chance

As I was casually reading The Minnesota Daily, I noticed an alarming trend among almost every column in the paper: LetâÄôs give President George W. Bush one more punch in the balls before he leaves office. As I browsed over columns and cartoons, ranging in theme from trying Bush for war crimes to calling him an over-privileged underachiever from Midland, Texas, I noticed how all the blame for the past eight years has been placed directly over his head. The president is a figurehead who works within a system of checks and balances. Bush had one of the most difficult presidencies in history, having to deal with Sept. 11th, the looming threat of terrorism and Hurricane Katrina. He also has had to put up with the media second-guessing his ability to make decisions. I will agree that some of his decisions may not have been correct, but at least he made one and acted upon what he felt was right for America. Presidents throughout history have bent constitutional lines and interpreted laws in their own ways. From the creation of Japanese internment camps to the Gulf of Tonkin, presidents have used their power to interpret what they see as being the right decision. Bush acted after Sept. 11, 2001 and was granted a blank check from Congress. This led to the two-fronted wars we are currently involved in âÄî hopefully creating liberated and successful countries in Iraq and Afghanistan. Not only have we possibly saved thousands of civilians in Iraq from a ruthless dictator who has in the past tested biological weapons on his own people, but also allowed them to experience liberties they have never had. The president has protected the country from future attacks, at all costs, which I commend him for. The entire Congress has allowed the country to take that path. I hope Bush is given a chance to be seen as a man dedicated to his country and his beliefs. Bush may not be the most elegant speaker, but he has given his legacy and dedication to the country he loves. I am happy to follow Barack Obama as our current president, but letâÄôs see results before exalting him to the level of our greatest leaders. I have found a true use for the Daily: a fire starter, literally. Matt Fischer University student