Man steals painkillers from University Avenue drug store

by Ian Larson

A man robbed a University Avenue Snyders Drug Store on Friday for painkillers, police said. The alleged robber, who was in plain clothes and wore no mask, entered the store and passed the pharmacist and owner Tom Sengupta a note demanding OxyContin , a commonly prescribed opiate and pain medication, Sengupta said. It was unclear if the man had a weapon, but Sengupta said the man was âÄúnot threatening.âÄù âÄúWhy donâÄôt you get some help?âÄù Sengupta asked the man. The alleged robber said he would get help and then ran out the door with the bottles of medication, Sengupta said. Before leaving the store, the robber asked Sengupta to âÄúgive [him] 30 secondsâÄù before calling police, Sengupta said. The man fled, and Sengupta immediately called the police. Uninvited partygoers steal valuables Minneapolis police are cautioning students against admitting uninvited guests to parties, in light of recent thefts. âÄúGroups of people who perhaps arenâÄôt even from the U or not even from the neighborhood are trying to crash some of these parties,âÄù said Inspector Bryan Schafer, 2nd Precinct commander. It is common for thieves to enter parties as uninvited guests, mill around and eventually sneak out of the parties with valuables, but police have not found any indication the thefts are part of a string or have been committed by the same group, Schafer said. âÄúI hate to make it sound too severe, but itâÄôs something that I think people need to be aware of,âÄù Schafer said. In the most recent theft, two men stole a laptop, cell phone and cash from a party in Marcy-Holmes early Friday morning, according to a Minneapolis police report. The men showed up at the party uninvited and were allowed in. A guest at the party later noticed his cell phone was missing; when he called it, he heard it ringing in the pocket of one of the two uninvited men, according to the report. The man chased the two thieves but couldnâÄôt catch them. A resident of the house later found that his laptop had been stolen, and another guest discovered that money from her purse had been taken, according to the report. U student arrested after driving on sidewalk A University of Minnesota police officer arrested a University student early Sunday morning and cited him for reckless driving when she found him swerving across the road and up onto a curb crowded with people, according to a police report. The mounted officer observed the 22-year-old student driving erratically for two blocks on University Avenue Southeast, which was lined with people. The man pulled over after the officer flagged him down, but as the officer approached the vehicle, the man attempted to drive away, according to the report. The officer quickly moved her horse in front of the manâÄôs vehicle, and nearby Minneapolis police assisted in arresting the man. Officers found an opened liter bottle of Rumple Minze liqueur in the vehicle, but they didnâÄôt suspect the man of drinking, police said.