Editorial: The importance of student newsrooms and how you can help

by Daily Editorial Board

In January, Southern Methodist University announced it was combining the independent student newspaper with its journalism school. While alumni are now making a considerable effort to raise $125,000 in funding to ensure the newspaper’s continued printing and independence, the announcement is troubling. Since then, editors at The Independent Florida Alligator, which covers the University of Florida, started the Save Student Newsrooms initiative. The initiative calls upon student-run newspapers to publish editorials on April 25, highlighting the challenges student newspapers face with funding and the fight to remain independent from their university or college. 

We would like to stand by our colleagues at student newspapers across the country and issue a reminder about the importance of independent student journalism. On the University of Minnesota campus, we see ourselves as seekers of truth. We strive to hold everyone, especially our University and its vast personnel, accountable for their actions, good or bad. We believe this view is shared by our colleagues throughout the country. Direct affiliation with the university in which the student newspaper is tasked to cover directly counteracts this purpose. 

We ask that everyone, including universities across the country, consider the importance of journalism in American history and the role their local student newspaper plays on campus. Thousands of students across the country publish every day to advance journalistic skills, learn skills that will help advance their careers, make their campus a better place and because they love to do so. That is what we strive to do at the Minnesota Daily, and we want this opportunity to be afforded to as many as possible. Save Student Newsrooms.

To learn more about how to help, visit: https://savestudentnewsrooms.com/about/