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Naughty kitty!

Boomkat will make you regret pop music

IKeri Carlson

If the radio DJ announces the latest song from Kellin and Taryn Manning, the brother-sister duo Boomkat, switch the station. When singer Taryn begins sacrilegiously singing the classic, ever-so-funky Staple Singer’s “I’ll Take You There” on a GAP commercial, quickly grab the remote and change the channel. And when Taryn appears in Eminem’s “8 Mile,” fast-forward through her scenes, and skip Boomkat’s wretched “Wasting My Time” on the soundtrack.

The reason behind all this anti-Boomkat sentiment is simple: The group encompasses the most annoying and worst aspects in current popular music. Taryn’s voice lacks any natural soul or range, and to make up for this, she (like Nelly Furtado and Britney Spears) uses a kitty-cat growl to cover up the missing talent. For instance, on Boomkat’s debut album “Boomkatalog One,” words like “go,” “for” and “on” become “goar-oh,” “faawrr” and “orawn.”

Kellin does add some slick, cheery and danceable hip hop beats, but the real reason a marginal-at-best singer like Taryn was able to snag a major label deal on DreamWorks Records was, of course, her pouty lips, flaunted chest and exposed bellybutton, which are plastered next to anything Boomkat related.

But the worst part about Boomkat is the blatant incest. Where the White Stripes make the brother-sister, husband-wife mystery a sexy scandal, Boomkat just creeps you out. The track “Being Bad” has Taryn rapping, “Yo, there’s a cutie over there / Oh, that’s my brother.” It gets worse. Included with the duo’s press release is a photo of Taryn on all fours, clad in a bikini top, cheek-bearing shorts and roller skates, being spanked by her brother with a playful “Ooo!” spread across her face.

Taryn’s sex appeal and second-rate acting jobs are all there is to Boomkat, and the duo’s image-obsession takes away any heart and soul, which are the true ingredients for good music.

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