Kahn’s tone a turn-off

by John Parker — graduate student

Rep. Phyllis Kahn’s letter to the editor (“Kahn: committee position not necessary”) struck a patronizing tone. The inner workings of the Minnesota Legislature are undoubtedly complex and perhaps dysfunctional at times. But the tone she struck in her letter reveals a condescension toward students, particularly the Minnesota Daily editorial board. Where was the respect for her constituents voicing their concerns?

The Daily editorial (“Kahn must fight for students,” March 29) was fair and clearly articulated a legislative need: Students must be better represented by Kahn. Her response laid out a somewhat defensible argument but concluded with a suggestion that was essentially, “Butt out.” I don’t reside in her district, so I was unable to vote in the primary. Nevertheless, her tone was a turn-off.

There are better and more productive ways of engaging with students and student-run publications. There is enough condescension and politicking in our state leadership. We don’t need to add to it. Representative Kahn, your constituents would like to work with you. Let’s combine your experience with our passion and desire to work for change.