Shuttle Discovery takes last flight

by Molly Novak

The space shuttle, Discovery, took it's last flight Tuesday over Washington D.C. before being delivered to the Smithsonian Museum for permanent display.

The shuttle took off flying piggyback on Nasa's Shuttle Carrier Aircraft– a modified Boeing 747– from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. The flight was expected to take about three and a half hours, reported MSNBC.

The plan was for the carrier to do a low flyby of the runway where it took off, the same place where Discovery last landed in 2011, before leaving its launch site for the final time in three decades.

The Washington Post blogged updated minutes and pictures of where the craft was as it came in to Washington. According to the blog, hundreds of people were lined up along the bike path next to Reagan National Airport and cars filled the lots along the George Washington Parkway, while traffic slowed.

At 10:00 a.m ET the shuttle flew over the Capitol, making laps over the National Mall and at 10:24 ET it completed the final lap over the Mall before heading to Dulles airport.