Dear Dr.Date,I…

Dear Dr.Date,
I have a crush on five different women, and I can’t decide which will get the good stuff. How do I prioritize these women? I don’t want to pick the wrong one for obvious reasons. Thank you my man.
— Indecisive

Dear Dr. Date,
Is it me or are all the women at the U of M subpar? Tell me doc, where have all the good women gone?
— Disappointed

It would appear that they are near man A, the author of the first letter. What’s even more surprising about this paradox, is that I got both letters on the same day.
Possibly the best explanation for this puzzle is that man A has positioned himself better than man B. He understands who he is and what he wants much better than man B. He has made choices in his life that allow him to work, study or live by the type of woman he most desires. He may also know that he too is what the women around him desire.
While man B may also know what he is looking for in a great date, he has not altered his life to come into contact with those women. It is truly amazing that some people don’t put more thought into their dating lives. People spend hours upon hours studying or working to ensure their professional future, but hardly any time at all on their future love — a potentially long-term commitment.
My advice to both of them is to date. One date doesn’t mean you’ll sleep with them or marry them, it just implies that you’re going to get to know another person more intimately. While we’re all skeptical of man A’s “good stuff,” he should go on dates with as many of his crushes as will have him. Meanwhile, man B should change his surroundings and try dating women he never considered. You never know who’ll turn out to be amazing unless you try.
Is the U half full of dateable women or half empty? Perception is key. Too many people, these two yahoos included, think that dating has to be serious. It doesn’t. The kind of dating I prescribe should be simple. Forget about dumb objectives like a good night kiss. Just talk to your date. Be honest from the very start and don’t lead anyone into believing you want more (or less) than you actually do.