Manatees to the rescue

by Jackie Renzetti

It’s Thursday, which means we’ve already had four days of this miserable week. You’re probably tired, overworked and hungry because you don’t really know how to cook anything besides buttered noodles, and even if you did, you don’t have time.


Right? RIGHT?! (I hope not, but if it’s that bad, here’s some college friendly recipes.)


via Calming Manatee


Anyway, everything’s going to be fine.


There’s brain-eating amoeba in the lakes, the bees are dying, and is our air still contaminated by those Canadian wildfires? (Actually, it looks okay right now.)


But still, everything is going to turn out alright, because these manatees say so. Just look:


via Calming Manatee

Calming Manatee generates encouraging messages from the lovely mammals with the click of a button. If you’re having a rough week, take five, browse through these, and then maybe don’t stay outside too long — just to be safe.